Gromatic 30EA

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Gromatic 30EA


Drilling capacity Tap capacity Drill spindle intake Drilling depth Spindle speeds 12 pcs. Automatic power supplies 3 pieces Column diameter Loading Table dimensions (Effective) Foot dimensions Maximum distance spindle to the table Maximum distance spindle to the footplate Maximum table displacement Table tiltable T-slot size Motor Machine dimensions Weight Drilling capacity: 30 mm Tap capacity: M20 Drill spindle intake: MK4 Drilling depth: 155 mm Spindle speeds 12 pieces: 125-3030 rpm Automatic power supplies 3 pieces: 0.1-0.2-0.3 mm / rev Column diameter: 120 mm Blade: 320 mm Table dimensions (effective): 500 x 420 mm Foot dimensions: 370 x 360 mm Maximum distance spindle to the table: 625 mm Maximum distance spindle to the foot plate: 1180 mm Maximum table movement: 560 mm Table tiltable: ± 45 ° T-slot size: 2x- T14 mm Motor: 1.0 / 1.2 KW 1440/2800 revolutions Machine dimensions: 875 x 510 x 2140 mm Weight: 430 kg